Fresh Ingredients. No Pre-Frying. Freshly Made Upon Ordering

Two Peck Chicken Cutlet is very well marinated, with a hint of sweetness and spiciness. High-quality cooking oil is used to achieve high-quality products for customers While the crust is different from the famous Hot-star Chicken in Taiwan, it stays crispy for a quite some time (~30min).   

Two Peck Crispy Chicken started in Taipei City, a street called Siping. Two Peck Crispy Chicken is famous for its crispy, tender, and juicy. The chicken is carefully sorted and prepared. Two Peck Chicken Cutlet is normally freshly made with a weight of 330g, thickness of 1 cm and length of 15cm.

Brand Story

Two Peck Crispy Chicken is an established Taiwanese brand, representing the well-known and internationally beloved "Taiwanese fried chicken" genera of street food. They are popular with followings in places such as New York, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

By using unique chicken processing technology and exclusive Chinese medicine formula as the features of the snacks, Two Peck Crispy Chicken have achieved " crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside."

The name of "Two Peck" came from a popular rapper "Tupac". The founder hopes it can inherit the spirit of the band and stay strong even in the fierce competition of the catering market. So far, Two Peck Crispy Chicken brand has more than 300 stores worldwide, it is the largest fried chicken brand in Taiwan.